“This is a welcome move on part of the Central Government led by Narendra Modi to accord a GI tag to Mithila Makhana through the Geographical Idication Registry. Such a move protects the farmers’ rights in Makhana (Fox Nut) farming and businesses. I remain appreciative of such a piece of work of the government.”, said Dr Birbal Jha, noted self-help author and Chairman of Mithilalok Foundation.

“The collective efforts of people of Mithila, more particularly Mithilanchal Makhana Utpadak Sangh have paved the way for such an intellectual recognition of the region. Congratulations to all of them for their fruit-bearing endeavour.”, added Dr Birbal whose flagship programme ‘ Save the Paag Campaign had the central Government issue Postal Stamp on Mithila Paag in 2017.

“Notably, aquatic fox nut is mainly cultivated in the region of Mithila where paan ( beetle leaf), Makhan and Machh( fish), besides paag is a prestigious cultural identity.”, added Dr Jha.

Once Mithila Makhana has been registered with the GI tag, the region’s farmers will benefit a lot and at the same time, the cultural identity of the place will be shot in the arms.

While attaching a GI tag proof, Dr Jha said, “A certificate for Geographical identity from the registry of the Government of India under the Ministry of Commerce has been issued in favour of Mithilanchal Makhana Utpadak.”

There is a due process of registration of GI products which includes filing of an application, preliminary scrutiny and examination, show cause notice, publication in the geographical indications journal, opposition to registration, and registration.