New Delhi, 28th May 2022

“It has been fantastic to work with a lively and very friendly group of students from British Lingua, an English language school in New Delhi. They are very polite, talkative, and active in the classes. It is incredible to think that I can be here in Poland but talking to a fantastic group of students nearly 4,000 miles away in India – it is as if they are in the same room! It’s great to be able to build cultural links between the UK and India – via Poland, where I currently live.”, said Matt Purland, an English author and trainer of international repute.

While thinking the world of British Lingua Managing Director, suave Matt wrote, “Dr Birbal Jha from India has done a wonderful job in organising and promoting the course, which has resulted in many students taking part – there are sometimes more than 50 people in the virtual classroom at once!”

“Dr Birbal has worked tirelessly to ensure that the course runs smoothly and the students can all benefit from this unique opportunity. I’m so grateful to him for his expert help and advice.”, was yet another line from seasoned Matt who commands respect among his trainees.

“I’m really enjoying working with a group of keen and focused students from British Lingua. The online course takes everyday topics such as Music and Friends and examines them through the lens of discussion, vocabulary, grammar focus, and pronunciation. The students are doing great and are not afraid to open their microphones and speak in the virtual classroom, which can be a daunting task. I’m so pleased that they are able to work with and get used to my native speaker accent!”, added Matt who keeps flashing chuckles throughout his sessions.

British Lingua, the brainchild of Dr Birbal Jha, was set up in 1993 in Patna. It has tied up with UK master trainer and author Matt Purland for free English skills training for its students.

From the 11th May Matt has been successfully conducting classes online, declaring a topic beforehand and sharing with the trainees a descriptive knowledge of the topic. Next, he explains word usage and pronunciation in a lucid manner.

In the first lesson, trainees were given the topic of Friends to talk about, where he first gave them a chance to explain friendship as per their opinion.

The trainees in the subsequent session gathered online to talk about Airport. First of all, Matt shared his experiences of his first air travel and then asked students to share their experiences as well. Further, he explained to the participants about connected vocabulary. Further, he taught the trainees syllables and stress, with students keen to practice the words and phrases.

An avid learner and trainee, Miss Ritisha Ahuja writes on his classes, “Mr Matt is an amazing trainer, who knows the niceties and subtleties of the English language. He gets into his trainees and creates a special space in their hearts and minds. His training method is easy, yet effective.”

“Learning with Matt is having a feeling of being in England actually. I’m lucky enough to have got an opportunity to be interacting with a native speaker via the British Lingua platform”, said Nitish Chaudhary from Madhubani, Bihar.

A good number of trainees at British Lingua in Patna flock together to attend Matt’s sessions, remaining glued to the classes, which signals how the trainer is going places in India.

The 12-part course continues into June 2022. All classes are available to watch on YouTube at: