A discourse on the topic of ‘Let’s value Media Professionals’ was held on Tuesday at , an institute of international repute on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day which falls on May 3 as per the United Nations General Assembly declarations. The day is observed to raise awareness of the importance of freedom of the press and remind governments of their duty to uphold the right to freedom of expression.

Speaking on the occasion, noted linguist and author Dr Birbal Jha said, “ Media professionals often risk their lives to report happenings around, covering a story, bringing truth to the public, moving people for a cause, and they remain prone to threat and danger. Hence, these professionals must be protected with utmost care and their family must have a feeling of security from any mischievous acts to be meted out.”

“Media whether print, electronic or digital are the established fourth pillar of democracy, next to the legislature, the executive and the Judiciary. Reports are that the media often get gagged and get dictated the terms by the ruling party contravening the natural flow of governance and justice.”, added Dr Birbal Jha, the world lingua celebrity.

“Scuttling prospect of the free press is stopping the voice of people in common which is purely against the spirit of the democratic set-up. If people have the freedom of speech, the press must have the freedom to publish their views and happenings around without any fear of repercussion.”, said Dr Jha while advocating the protection of media rights.

Raising the growing concern over the use of media for political or individual gain, Dr Jha said, “Let media work as a watchdog to the governing system. They must not be used or misused for biased reporting. The integrity of media and their ethics ought not to be compromised for any gains.”,