A cultural event ‘Let’s shake a leg’ marking the occasion of International Dance Day (IDD) was held on Friday at British Lingua, an institute of international repute for English communication skills and personality development to create positive vibes among the young generation and let them know how dancing impacts life positively and lastingly.

“IDD inspires us to have the ability to move our body rhythmically to music following a set of sequence of steps, shaking a leg, cutting a rug, tripping the light fantastic, footing it, stepping it, hoofing it, whirling and twirling the body.”, said Dr Birbal Jha, and noted author and British Lingua managing director while inaugurating the session of ‘Let’s shake a leg.’

Further, appealing to the audience on the day, Dr Jha motivated them to stand up and get jigging as the dance of any sort teaches us how to interact with music and express ourselves artistically, fantastically and captivatingly.

“Dancing, a form of exercise, has a recreational and entertaining value in human life. Having such a skill could be a way to stay fit and be in fine fettle for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Music accompanied by dancing gets into the soul of those participating in it, replacing any negative energy from the body with the positive one.” added Dr Birbal who is known as ‘Paagman of India’ for his socio-cultural movement that spurred the Central Government-led by Narendra Modi to issue a postal stamp on Mithila Paag in 2017.

“Participation in dancing activities establishes a sense of community life and togetherness, allowing one to be as closer as possible and to be joined at hips.” , explained Dr Jha.

Describing the forms of dances practised in the world, Dr Jha added, “There are varied sorts of dances found in all cultures of the world whether east or west. However, with globalization beginning in the early ’90s, and with the manifestation of the Internet, cultural exchanges have become ubiquitous and are enjoyed by all”.

‘Come on and make a friendship with British Lingua’ sung by Maanbardhan Kanth was the theme song on the day to which a group of students on the day footed it and stepped it, sending across a message of fraternity and goodwill.

The social venture British Lingua, headquartered in Delhi now, has earned wide recognition for its training methodology – English SIM, which stands for Structural –cum- Interactive Method, imparting successful English Skills training to lacs of trainees, and bringing about a positive change in their personality and lifestyles. The training institute that was set up in Patna in 1993 holds various language activities to groom the personality of candidates joining there.

The linguist and etymologist Dr Birbal, who heads British Lingua stands by its commitment to providing unfettered access to English Communication skills to the deprived section of society who could not afford to go to English medium schools for financial reasons.

Dr Birbal has composed dozens of songs in English, Hindi and his mother tongue Maithili. The Save the Paag Campaign, a socio-cultural movement led by Dr Jha has set a milestone in the history of India, more particularly in the belt of Mithila.