The central government’s recent scheme for the time-bound recruitment of youth into Indian Armed Forces– Agnipath may be debated if any section of society has any confusion and illusion about how it would roll out and be good for promising youth, but the violence of any sort in the name of protest cannot be allowed and tolerated, and it must be pooh-poohed. Those committing arson, setting trains and other public property on fire cannot be regarded as protesters or revolutionaries.”, said Dr Birbal Jha, noted author and social thinker.

“The arsonists whosoever must be dealt with an iron hand. They must be tried in a court of law ensuring due process under the judicial system of the country. A protest against the government for any reason is a public right. But nobody has the right to destroy any public property. The law of the land must prevail.” added Dr Jha.

“It is shocking and painful for me to see some trains burning for their no faults on their own. Such a collateral loss damages the nation greatly. Those involved in such a criminal act must not take the law into their hands.”, appealed Dr Birbal.

“A CBI probe against such arson and destructions being committed in certain pockets of the country must be initiated so that the truth behind the scene of those so-called political leaders instigating the gullible people can be out”, demanded Dr Birbal.